Houston’s #1 Mattress Store

If you have ever visited our homepage, you may have noticed the very boisterous claim that we are the #1 store on Yelp in Houston. Considering that Yelp is the #1 site consumers turn to for local business recommendations and boasts the most influential collection of reviews in one place, this is quite a claim […]

Fall into Savings with 5-50% Off!

Last year we learned that each night, over 20,000 children in the Houston community – our community – do not have a bed to sleep on. Ever since that day we have been on a mission. We partnered with the
Houston Children’s Charity to combine our efforts with their Better Night’s Sleep Program which distributes […]

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almost a quarter of a century, Noah’s Manufacturing has been quietly honing the
craft of mattress and furniture construction.We were determined to raise industry standards, making the best products
with the highest quality materials and construction processes.Our products were setting us apart and our
brand name could soon be found in retail stores around the world.But this is […]