Top 5 Sleep Tips that are Proven to Work!

National SleepFoundation (NSF) Sleep Awareness Week© was established to encourage
the public to prioritize sleep as a means towards leading a healthier and
happier lifestyle. This year’s theme is “Sleep
Better, Feel Better.” and we are promoting this annual event by providing our
top 5 proven solutions for people with sleep troubles. Check this blog entry
each day […]

Texas Mattress Makers Environmental Efforts

Throughout the course of our 35 years of making mattresses by hand, we have always kept the environment in mind. As a manufacturer, it is our responsibility to make sure we use the Earth’s resources wisely and reduce waste as much as possible so our children can one day live in a world that is […]

Sleep Plays a Major Role in Depression

Today is #WorldHealthDay and the main focus this year is depression.
There are a host of situational and biological causes that are linked to
depression, one of which is sleep deprivation. Not getting enough sleep
at night has been found to cause neurological changes that lead to chemical
imbalances affecting mood and emotional well-being, which can lead […]