Snooze News Ep. 15: We’re In Katy, TX!

Snooze News Episode 15 We’re In Katy, TX Why Katy? We understand that not everyone lives inside the 610 loop

Snooze News Episode 14: Giving Back

Snooze News Episode 14 Giving Back! Texas Mattress Makers believes in giving back. We believe that positively impacting one life

Snooze News Episode 13: Pros & Cons of a “Bed In A Box”

Snooze News Episode 13 Pros & Cons of a “Bed In A Box” Breaking news – Texas Mattress Makers won’t

Snooze News Episode 12: How Much Should A Mattress Cost?

Snooze News Episode 12 How Much Should Your Mattress Cost? In this episode of SNOOZE NEWS, we’re answering another question

Snooze News Episode 11: Your Questions Answered

Snooze News Episode 11 We answer your top question! Purchasing a new mattress can be intimidating – where do you

Snooze News Episode 10: A Behind The Scenes Beducation

SNOOZE NEWS A Behind-The-Scenes Look At A Custom Mattress Fitting! We understand that it takes a little bit of time

Snooze News Episode 9: Sleep Better, Feel Better in 2019

New year, new you! 2019 brings a fresh start to your routine and we’re here to encourage you to reprioritize

Snooze News Episode 8: The Gift Of Sleep

Are you looking for a gift that TRULY keeps giving for many years to come? And, offers serious health benefits?

Snooze News Episode 7: Buying Your Mattress Online

How many online purchases do you make each week? Our guess is LOTS! As all of our lives seem to

Snooze News 6: New Bed = No Back Surgery!

What happens when a former NFL player comes into a Texas Mattress Makers showroom? We take care of him of