The beginning of Expertise

Youval Meicler, a twenty-one year old from Israel, had just arrived in the US and needed a job. He walked into a furniture factory in Houston and asked the owner for work. He was told to sweep the floor, and he swept until the floor was spotless.

He then worked in the shipping department, warehouse, mill room, assembly department, and the cutting and sewing room. He drove delivery trucks and even began selling in the field. Every time he obtained a new task he strove to be the best at what he did. He worked in each department in the factory until he became an expert at every job. He was promoted to Production Manager, the General Manager, until he became President of the company after just 6 years.

Texas Mattress Makers

He worked hard, and was able to open his own wholesale bedding company in 1989. But things in the industry weren’t perfect. Suppliers only wanted to buy the cheaper, lower quality mattresses so they could make a higher profit.

Youval realized that he needed to change his strategy in order to achieve his dream of providing the very best quality products. In 2011, he opened his factory doors to the public so he could offer high quality bedding for a low factory direct price.

Texas Mattress Makers was born!

We Want Houston to Dream Big!

Houstonians now have the opportunity to experience a unique mattress selection process. Mattress information is transparent and easily explained by true experts with mattress production experience. Each customer receives individualized service based on their specific needs. At Texas Mattress Makers, we are experts in the art of making mattresses and knowing which mattresses are the right fit for our customers. We don’t do business like a major retailer because we don’t want to be a major retailer. We want to be the best at what we do. Our #1 goal is to provide your best night’s sleep so YOU can dream big.